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Leszek Burzynski and Liz Granite at Royer Studios

Liz as the talent with Leszek directing the filming of our new AMAP video at Royer Studios.

Bruce Royer, near Florence, Italy

Bruce Royer, piloting a Phathom 4 on location near Florence, Italy.

Filming for Hawai’i Natural Energy Institute’s “Wave Power”

  Shot off the shore of Oahu, Hawai’i. Camera Operator – Jake Johnson, Drone Operator – Bruce Royer.

Amori Villas, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Royer Studios on location filming “Canvasing: Bali”. A birthday celebration with special performances of Balinese dancers, singers, and musicians.

Don Chaza, Gaucho, Buenos Aires County, Argentina

On location filming an episode of “Canvasing The World” a co-production between Opera Garden Studios and Royer Studios. Canvasing The World

First Landing, Nani, Fiji

Home base for the Viti Levu, Fiji filming of “Living Life Forwards”, a feature documentary produced by Royer Studios in collaboration with the Hawai’i Natural Energy Institute. Grant funded by the Office of Naval Research.